10 Essentials For Healthy Living: Enjoy Activity – Conclusion

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10 Keys For Healthy Living: Enjoy Activity – Conclusion

By: Phil Holleman

Have I got you thinking about enjoying activity now? I hope so. Are you holding onto some myths about activity that keep you from enjoying more activity?

In his book, 10 Keys To Create WellnessMichael R. Ellison discusses certain myths and the verifiable facts.

  1. Myth: Exercise makes you tired. Moderate activity actually helps reduce fatigue. It energizes the body.
  2. Myth: Older people should exercise less than young people. People of all ages need to engage in physical activity. Middle-aged and older people benefit from regular physical activity just as young people do. Regular physical activity in older people increases their capacity to perform the chores of daily life and helps them maintain independence.
  3. Myth: Exercising with weights makes a person have bulky, bodybuilder muscles. Almost all weight-training exercises simply tone the body. They increase muscle strength without increasing muscle mass. A person at any age can benefit a great deal from activities that use light weights.
  4. Myth: All physical activities have equal benefits. Some activities have greater benefit to the heart and lungs. These activities include walking, swimming, and bicycling, especially with an intensity that causes the heart to pump within a target heart rate for aerobic benefit. Activities such as stretching help with flexibility and balance. Almost all activity programs that use weights help increase physical strength.
  5. Myth: Unless you are really exercising hard, there are no physical benefits to movement. Even low-intensity activities – such as gardening, yard work, housework – can help lower a person’s risk of heart disease if those activities are done daily. Obviously, walking briskly has more benefit to the heart and lungs than strolling leisurely. However, a leisurely stroll is better than sitting for hours in a rocking chair. In addition, that leisurely stroll might help to clear the mind, promote creativity, aid in socialization, and give a person a greater appreciation for the whole of life.

Walking doesn’t float your boat?

How about dancing? Get your spouse or significant other to join you.

Water aerobics are easier on the joints than regular aerobics. That’s good for folks with arthritis.

Ride a bike, either the two-wheel type or a stationary one in front of the television.

How about racquetball? It’s a game which is easy to learn. I played it quite a bit when I was younger. We’re talking major aerobic activity here.

Whatever activity we choose to do, it’s important to do it safely. Wear goggles and earplugs in the pool, a helmet when riding a bicycle, and goggles when playing racquetball. Getting hurt is a quick way to take interest right out of an activity we’ve added to our lives.

I hope I’ve shown how easy it is get more activity into our lives. The key is to find activities which are enjoyable. Otherwise, we quit.

Let’s get out there and have some fun. What do you say? Let’s do this!

Yours in good health,

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Phil Holleman spent over 11 years struggling with major depression. During that time, he learned how important it is to live a healthy life. He created ABoldNewLife.com to help others who are on their journey to wellness.

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