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Dani Johnson – Everyone has a unique life story to share – but initially, Dani Johnson’s looked to be made up of hardships and challenge. Growing up on welfare, she was pregnant at just 17 and homeless at 21. Life seemed like a closed book.

But that was hardly the end of Dani’s story.

Instead of accepting what life had scripted for her, Dani rewrote her own playbook, chapter by chapter – and by 23 she was a millionaire. In the years since, the tale has just gotten better: Today, Dani Johnson owns five companies, is a best-selling author and internationally desired speaker – and is passionately committed to her husband Hans and five children, and her journey with God. Dani appeared as a guest star on ABC’s TV show “Secret Millionaire.”

But Dani isn’t secretive about how others can transform their lives. Her unique success strategies have empowered and equipped thousands with the knowledge and skills she has learned to achieve what appears to be simply impossible. Dani’s clients include everyone from high-level executives to stay-at-home parents, and she’s helped them:

  • become debt-free
  • earn much-deserved promotions
  • rack up significant salary increases
  • raise their sales and profits
  • improve relationships
  • go on to earn six- and seven-figure incomes